? Timko Translations: Books

This sections lists (in no particular order) some of the books that I read and found useful as a translator.

  • Д. Э. Розенталь, Е. В. Джанджакова, Н. П. Кабанова. Справочник по русскому языку (A Guide to the Russian Language). ISBN 978-5-8112-6251-9 (in Russian)
  • Bryan A. Garner. Legal Writing in Plain English. ISBN 978-0-226-28393-7
  • Rupert Haigh. Legal English. ISBN 978-0-415-69435-3
  • William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White. The Elements of Style. ISBN 978-0-205-31342-6
  • The Economist Style Guide. ISBN 978-1-86197-916-2
  • Т. А. Маслова. Медицинское страхование граждан: новшества, возможности выбора (Health Insurance: Novelties and Options) (in Russian).
  • A. A. Миронов, А. М. Таранов, А. А. Чейда. Медицинское страхование (Health Insurance). ISBN 5-02-013516-X (in Russian).
  • Peter R. Kongstvedt. Health Insurance and Managed Care. ISBN 978-1-284-04325-9
  • Hiroshi Oda. Russian Commercial Law. ISBN 978-90-04-22680-7
  • В. В. Оробинский. Английское договорное право (English Contract Law). ISBN 978-5-222-27140-7 (in Russian)
  • А. К. Романов. Право и правовая система Великобритании (The UK Law and Legal System). ISBN 978-5-91134-397-2 (in Russian)
  • В. М. Шумилов. Правовая система США (The US Legal System). ISBN 978-5-7133-1434-7 (in Russian)
  • Natalia Strelkova. Introduction to Russian-English Translation. ISBN 978-0-7818-1267-2
  • Douglas Robinson. Becoming a Translator. ISBN 978-0-4153-0033-9
  • Andrew Morris. The Book of Standing Out. 978-1500924348
  • Mona Baker. In Other Words. ISBN 978-0-415-46754-4
  • Christiane Nord. Translating as a Purposeful Activity. ISBN 978-1-900650-02-1
  • Lucy Reed. The Family Court without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person. ISBN 978-0-9935836-1-2
  • Е. А. Суханов. Сравнительное корпоративное право (Comparative Corporate Law). ISBN 978-5-8354-1132-0 (in Russian)
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